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Q:  What is DuraBoard® made of?
A:  DuraBoard™ is made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), just like any other plastic product.

Q:  How is DuraBoard® made?
A:  DuraBoard™ is extruded. The process produces a high-grade exterior product that can be 
     used as a replacement for wood.

Do I have to Paint It?
A:  Yes. DuraBoard® is made ready for paint. In order for the product to produce long lasting 
      results, two coats are recommended.

Will the color change?
A:  No. Not if you paint the product according to Manufacturers specifications.

Q:  How do I paint DuraBoard®?
A:  First, clean by wiping the surface with a cloth dampened in denatured alcohol. Wait for the 
      surface to dry and apply the topcoat. Unlike wood, no “back priming” is needed. Topcoat 
      with one or two coats of high quality acrylic latex, acrylic, or urethane acrylic exterior paint. 
      Follow all manufacturer’s instructions.

Q:  What colors can I paint it?
A:  Any color you like. The manufacturers recommend lighter colors due to the heat absorption of 
     plastic. Paints with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) higher than 60 are recommended. Bright
     White is ‘100’, while Flat Black is ‘0’.

How does DuraBoard® cut?
A:  Much easier than wood with cleaner edges. No more grain tear-out. Crosscut with
     combination blade and rip saw. Carbide tools are recommended.

How about drilling and sanding?
A:  The same as wood.

How does it nail?
A:  DuraBoard® is more forgiving than wood. In temperatures of 35º F and above, it nails easier 
     with less splitting and denting than wood, even when you nail close to corners, ends, and

What about nailing in very, very cold weather?
A:  DuraBoard® will get a little brittle in sub-freezing temperatures. Pre-drilling is a good idea to avoid
     most cold weather problems. Larger nails are recommended for better fastening strength.

What kind of nails or fasteners should I use?
A:  Use rustproof wire spiral (or screw shank) nails and fasteners. Power or hand nailing and
     countersinking capped with exterior caulk is recommended. DO NOT use annular or ring nails.

Q:  Can I use caulking?
A:  Yes. Sherwin-Williams® 1100A Siliconized Acrylic Latex Sealant is recommended.

What about glue?
A:  Any glue identified with PVC plastics are good for most applications. PVC pipe cement can
     actually make a welded joint.
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