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Ply-Trim West
Mission Statement
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Youngstown, OH  44509
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“Delivering Beyond Expectation”


Employing Christian principles in all facets of our company, we will strive to be a most trusted business partner. The Ply-Trim Companies’ Goal is to provide the best products available in today’s market. We are dedicated to exceptional service, complete customer satisfaction, and one hundred percent (100%) on time deliveries. You can count on each and every Ply-Trim associate to deliver on what we promise.

Our mission is to provide consistent, quality products. Backed by superior customer service and support, we deliver many benefits to our national customers and suppliers alike through the networking and building of our business partnerships. We provide profitable and consistent results that create value for our stockholders and will work to create a rewarding environment through all that we encounter, from employees to end users.

Core Values

   1.  On a daily basis, we strive to uphold our stated value cores of Christian Principles and Business

   2.  We are honest and honorable, and our integrity is top priority. Our owners insist that we carry on
          with their successes through moral soundness. We pride ourselves on our communication with
          each other, our employees, our vendors, and our customers. In today’s world, we feel this is a
          lost art and skill, and we strive to make this a priority every single day.

   3.  We have ‘Mutual Respect’ for everyone that we come in contact with daily. Again, from employees
          to customers, we work hard on an attitude of mutual respect and dedication to achieving lasting
          results. We can be counted on to be there for our ‘Team’.

   4.  We will all work hard with common goals in mind. Providing high levels of enthusiasm and energy,
          we focus on the strong sense of urgency in today’s business environment. We understand that 
          time is precious and we strive to make time an advantage for all that we partner with daily.

   5.  We will work as a team of “one” everyday. We will go the extra yard to ensure the success of all
          those we work with daily. Our employees are valuable assets and we invest in them. Our 
          employees are empowered to do the ‘right’ thing, making decisions for the betterment of Ply-Trim
          and their partners every single day. We are responsible for our actions and held accountable for
          the results of those actions.

   6.  We are passionate about our jobs and our future in this industry. We are constantly working
          towards ways to increase the value that we bring to our customers and vendors. We proactively
          pursue new and better processes and better ways of doing business in order to analyze ‘Change’
          for the betterment of all concerned.

Key Success Factors

Preferential Vendor – We are driven by our business model, working daily to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Our goal is to be the preferred vendor with our key customers.

Preferred Partner – Develop successful ‘Partnerships’ from the mills to the customers, combining strengths and weaknesses together for the enhancement of those relationships and of all those that we deal with daily.

Financial Growth – Working to grow our revenue year after year while delivering acceptable operations margins to our company. This also entails working with our vendors and customers alike to positively reflect appropriate margins for their needs as well.

“The desire to excel is paramount. When you seek to lead a life of integrity and to make a difference in the lives of others, it’s incredible what you can accomplish – and we have that opportunity everyday!”            --Unknown

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